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  • Trinity Evangelical
  • Brandt
  • Redhaw
  • Meng
  • Rowsburg
  • Old Rowsburg - Smalley
  • Unnamed
    A new book by the Ashland Co Chapter OGS will be released in June 2000 called "Church Records of Ashland County, Ohio, Volume 1". Here is a listing of churches in the county, first by township, and second, by denomination. The book includes a short history of each church and actual records from selected churches.


    1. Mount Hope Presbyterian - or Muddy Fork Church was organized in 1820 out of several Presbyterian families who had been meeting since the close of the War of 1812.
    2. Methodist Episcopal Church, Rowsburg was organized in 1822 with 12-15 members.
    3. English Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rowsburg was organized in January 1842 by Rev. W.J. Sloan and Rev. A.H. Myers.
    4. Evangelical Association (Albright) - called Immanuel's at Lafayette (Red Haw) - the class was formed in 1830, by Henry Zimmerman, John Betts, Henry Kiplinger, Henry Shaffer, Nicholas Shaffer, Mr. Swaisgood, and George Walkey.
    5. Evangelical Association (Albright) - called Zion's in Moore's (Morr) neighborhood (Trinity Society) - White Church - Rev. Mottinger organized a class in 1832 with Andrew Morr as the first class leader.
    6. United Brethren, Rowsburg - served by Rev. Crubaugh and Rev. Dillon in the early 1860's.
    7. United Brethren, Lafayette - in the northern part of Perry Township was also served by Rev. Crubaugh and Rev. Dillon in the 1860's.
    8. United Brethren Bethel was located on the farm of David Swartz near the south line of Perry Township.
    9. Reformed and Lutheran Meng's Mount Zion Church - In a deed dated 6 Aug 1829, Philip and Mariah Meng sold 2 acres in the SE 1/4 Section 33, Perry Township, to Henry Jackson and Conrad Friedline, trustees of the German Lutheran Church and the German Reformed Church.
    10. Red Haw United Methodist Church - This church is located in the NE 1/4 Section 3, on the southeast corner of CR 1100 and CR 175.
    11. Rowsburg Evangelical (German) - They met in homes from 1832 until abandonment in 1871.
    12. Shaffer School Evangelical (German) - This group, noted in the Lafayette Circuit in 1866, was located three miles west of the Trinity (White) Church.