Frederick W. Coffin

FREDERICK W. COFFINWas born in Washington County, New York, January 6, 1809. He learned the trade of a cabinet-maker in Vermont. On reaching manhood he married Mary Waters, of Bennington, and located in Troy, New York, in 1833. In 1845 he removed to Mohicanville, Ashland County, where he remained two years, and removed to Ashland, where he still resides. He is of English descent, and the family trace their ancestry back to the invasion of the conqueror William, of Normandy. The Coffins settled in Worcester, Massachusetts, as early as 1642. At one time the Coffins were the proprietors of Nantucket.
Mr. Coffin is an excellent mechanic, and a gentleman of high integrity. He is the parent of twelve children, part of who are deceased. In December, 1875, he held a family reunion; those present were: the father, Frederick W. Coffin, aged sixty-seven; the mother, Mary Coffin, aged sixty-two; Mrs. L.J. Sprengle, Mrs. F.H. Smith, Mrs. M. Jennings, Mrs. E.L. McIlrath, Thaddeus Coffin, Arthur W. Coffin, Eugene Coffin, Harry T. Coffin, and Edward Coffin.
These, with relations by marriage, and offspring, numbered in all thirty-two souls. If the mother of Mrs. Mary Coffin, who resides in Troy, New York, aged eighty-six, had been present, there would have been five generations under the same roof. The Coffins are noted for their musical endowments, and when all together make an interesting family concert.

contributed and transcibed by
Russ Shopbell