Ashland County Airport

The old Ashland Airport on the Savannah road was on land that now is where Hershey has his storage buildings, This land was owned by Dr. Geo. Riebel, his son was killed there when he crashed his plane right in front of the Riebel Reunion being held that day. No one alive remembers for sure which plane it was that Reible was killed in, but it was one similar to this one.

taper Wing Waco owned by Herb Smith and Jake McClain

Funerals for Ashland's two plane crash victims George Riebel and John Andrews were held today at the Presbyterian Church where hundreds of friends and relatives gathered at the two services. The funeral for John Andrews was conducted by Rev. William Surdival at 10:30 am at the church. Simple and brief rites marked the final tribute to John Andrews this morning. The church was crowded withthe many friends including high school associates of the young man. The school band members attended in a body, also members of the senior class of which he would have been a member. There were also many members of the family present. In response to the family's request there were no flowers except a beautiful floral piece over the closed casket and a few baskets of flowers. Mrs. Paul Shank presided at the organ playing softly athte opening and closing of the service. Rev. Surdival first read some of the most comforting from the scripture, closing with the reading of the hymns, nearer my God to Thee and a prayer. Pall Bearers were J.F. Henderson, I.W. Thomas, Curt Eidt, Charles Swartz, John Donley, Charles Freer, George Preston, and Dr. C.C.Patton. Intermet was made in Ashland Cemetery.

1938 plane

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